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Through your support, we strive to provide educational, social, and spiritual aid to children in vulnerable areas worldwide.

Our Programs - Ghana
JoshKrisDan Home for Refuge
Our Programs - Uganda
Fostering Programs
Our Programs - India
Tamil Nadu: HFO-Madurai​
Our Programs - India
Assisted Works
Love is Our Goal

What Make Us Different?

Hearts of the Father Outreach sponsors and operates programs in Ghana, Uganda, and India. 

We have previously run programs in Haiti and Mexico. Additionally, HFO supports children in Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Israel, and Kenya through individuals and other ministries. 

We Love

Children are raised in a warm family environment, where they can receive the love, guidance, and mentorship of a compassionate mother and father who are passionate about God and them.

We Protect

Children are placed in refuge homes, where they are provided with all their basic needs and have a safe place to live and play.

We Educate

Children are enrolled in our HOF School of Arts and Technology, where they complete primary and secondary school. Later, they attend college or vocational school to learn valuable skills so that they can become contributing adults in their communities.


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Home of Refuge

The flagship program of HFO is the JoshKrisDan Home of Refuge in Old Ningo. It is named after John and Libby’s three children who died in an automobile accident in 1992, Joshua, Kristen and Daniel.  Land was purchased in 1998, and the home was designed and constructed in 2000. Currently, 27 children are being taken care of at the home, including five young individuals who are pursuing higher education at universities or vocational schools.

Bella and Vincent Weyeam are the houseparents who, along with three part-time staff, supervise the children and manage their daily activities.

Operation Christmas Child

The Operation Christmas Child program in Ghana, Africa, was started through a partnership between Hearts of the Father Outreach and Samaritan’s Purse. In 1998, 7,000 shoebox gifts were distributed, and by 2006, the number had grown to over 90,000. These shoeboxes are filled with school supplies, toys, and personal hygiene items, and over 500,000 gifts have been distributed to date.

Each year, teams from the USA join Ghanaian nationals to help with the distributions.

Thanks to the development of a capable National Leadership Team, the program is now overseen and coordinated by them in accordance with Samaritan’s Purse’s policies.

Watch reflections from the Founders over the Years

Help us in lifting children out of poverty and providing them with a brighter future.


Uganda has not recovered from the world health pandemic, which has caused an economic meltdown where many children are suffering.

Our Programs - Uganda

HFO Tororo
Fostering Program

HFO took action in August 1999 and initiated a program to sponsor orphans and destitute children in Christian “foster” families. Tororo, Uganda, saw the launch of the first program, which expanded to include over 55 children under the care of more than 20 families. A full-time administrator oversees the program to ensure its success.

HFO Kaliro - Peniel Ministries
Fostering Program

David Garetti Wakko head up Peniel Ministries. David helped us start the first foster program in the country of Uganda. While many of our children have grown up and have left the program,
we are still committed to helping them and other children in the region. 

Children's Home

Phionah Kirungi runs PENDO Children’s Home.

A Christian organization caring for the less privileged children holistically in all aspects of life. Pendo is a word derived from the Kiswahili language meaning Love.

Currently, 14 Children are living at home, while 25 children from the community receive feeding assistance, and 13 children are given educational scholarships. 



Tamil Nadu: HFO-Madurai​​
Home of Refuge

HFO helped start a home in southern India for 24 orphans who are provided with a safe haven. Abandoned infant girls and boys have been rescued and brought into our care.

One of these infants was found by our administrator in an open field, while another was discovered among some thorn bushes. These infants are placed with “foster” families who offer them the necessary care until they are old enough to be looked after at home.

Assisted Works



Iris Ministries, Maputo, Mozambique

Mozambique has faced various challenges, such as natural disasters, disease, and civil war, leading to numerous orphaned, abandoned, and displaced children.

Rolland and Heidi Baker, through Iris Ministries, provide care for thousands of these children to address this situation. Some reside in Iris ministry centers, while others reunite with extended families. Additionally, the Bakers have encouraged pastors to fulfill their churches’ responsibility of caring for orphans.

HFO assists Iris’s children’s work.


Alpha Orphanage Project (AOP), Kampala, Uganda

Pastor Gerald Kwitegereza started the Alpha Orphanage Project in 1998, which today cares for over 500 children. Through the “extended family” network, orphans are provided food, housing, and education. A farm project helps to supply much of the necessary food. They have hired teachers and rented rooms in which to hold school. His work was “discovered” by one of our Advisory Board members on a trip to East Africa.

HFO has committed to supporting this work monthly and was his first international supporter. Gerald also serves on our HFO-Kampala board and as one of our board chairman in Uganda after 1998.

African kids
A young farmer child with a hoe in his hand and a cob of corn, African children in the fields.

Burkina Faso

Sheltering Wings, Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, HFO was the first National Partner for Operation Christmas Child, just like in Ghana. During a distribution, John and Libby Moritz met Ruth Cox, an American who moved to Burkina to care for orphans. Ruth has a small compound where she cares for over 25 children by providing shelter and food. She also started a school that welcomes community children, with around 90 students attending.

Ruth’s outreaches benefit hundreds of children. HFO sponsors some of the Sheltering Wings’ children.


Elijah’s Cup of Mercy, Tiberias, Israel

In September 2001, John and Libby Moritz traveled to Israel on a fact-finding mission. Despite the aftermath of 9/11, they were able to catch one of the first resumed flights. They met Miri Moriah, a widow who devoted her time to assisting Jewish orphans from the Baltic States, Ukraine, and Russia during their trip. She helps these children move to Israel and provides them with care once they arrive.

HFO has provided support to Elijah’s Cup of Mercy over the years.

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