From Founder John Moritz:

Think about your children growing up, living on the streets without you or your wife alive to take care of them. Many children are faced with this reality today. Some become victims of sexual predators. Some are forced into slavery, working long hours for their room and board only. Still others are trapped in the ways of the street, finding lives of crime, prostitution, and drug addiction. Indifference in the face of injustice contributes to the continuation of the problem.

We have the finances and resources to help every child that is orphaned and will be orphaned in the future. If we all gave as little as one dollar per day we would be able to support every child in need. And that is based only on people in the United States giving. What if everyone worldwide, who is able, were to help?

We have the opportunity now. We can reach out with love and help these children. They can become their countries’ future doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers. If we don’t, at best, a generation will be lost, and at worst, others may reach them with a message of hopelessness and destruction. Helping them is not only in their best interest, it is in our own interest, and the interest of our families as well.

As responsible human beings, how can we do nothing?

Can we not do something for these children?