As you may recall, Victoria is the sweet young girl from the JoshKrisDan Home for Refuge located in Old Ningo, Ghana.  Victoria had a large dermoid cyst on her right ovary and a smaller cyst on her left ovary.  She was evaluated in Ghana where the procedure would have been a total abdominal incision with removal of one or both of her ovaries.  That procedure would take weeks of recovery, render her unable to bear children in the future and force her body into early menopause. The good news is that Woodhull Medical Center performed the procedure through laparoscopic surgery and it was a complete success! The surgery was performed by Dr. Nicosia and Dr. Oduro. Dr. Oduro is from Ghana and came to the US with her family when she was 14. We praise God for the success of the surgery and the care she received while at Woodhull. Victoria is now at the home of Nancy Gleason in Lenox, MA recovering comfortably before she returns to Ghana. We thank God for all of the prayers and gifts that helped to make the trip and the surgery possible.