On July 13th, John Moritz led a team from the First Congregational Church of Litchfield, Connecticut, to Uganda. Members of the team were; Pastor David Rockness, Helen Danner, Jennifer Dematteis, Russell Hubball, Carol Lamond, Tammy Moritz, Lou Beres, Charlotte Gavell, Kelli Green, Emma Hauer and Brian Malarkey. The team stayed at the Canaan Children’s Home in Jinja. They visited the children and foster families in our Tororo and Kaliro Programs.

In Kaliro, the team helped work on the Chicken Farming Project, led by Pastor David Waako. The team also had the opportunity to visit the Welcome Baby Home and Smile Africa, an organization that HFO currently supports. Finally, the team rounded out the week with an exciting and daring rafting trip on the Nile River.

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