Hearts of the Father
Current Programs

Hearts of the Father Outreach operates programs that it founded, and for which it is the sole sponsor, in Ghana, Uganda, India, and Mexico. In the past, HFO has operated programs in Haiti and the Ukraine. In addition, HFO supports children in Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Israel, and Kenya through other individuals or ministries. In the past, HFO has also provided support to children through others in the Philippines and Guatemala.

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  • GHANA >>
    • JoshKrisDan Home of Refuge
    • Operation Christmas Child Partner
    • Association of Children’s Homes and Orphanages (ACHO)
  • UGANDA >>
    • HFO-Tororo, Fostering Program
    • HFO-Kaliro, Fostering Program
    • HFO-Kampala, Fostering Program
  • INDIA >>
    • HFO-Madurai
  • Assisted Works >>