Iris Ministries, Maputo, Mozambique

Natural disasters, disease, and civil war have resulted in many orphaned, abandoned, and displaced children in Mozambique. As part of their ministry (Iris Ministries), Rolland and Heidi Baker take care of thousands of these children. Some of these children are housed in Iris ministry centers. Others are restored to their extended families. The Bakers have also successfully encouraged pastors to care for orphans as part of their respective churches’ responsibility. The way the Bakers care for and equip these children spiritually embodies the HFO vision. In support of what the Bakers and their team are doing, HFO finds sponsors for Iris’s children’s work in general. Funds sent to Iris from HFO sponsors are earmarked for children’s assistance but individual children are not sponsored directly.

Alpha Orphanage Project (AOP), Kampala, Uganda

Pastor Gerald Kwitegereza started the Alpha Orphanage Project in 1998, which today cares for over 500 children. Through the “extended family” network, orphans are provided food, housing and education. A farm project helps to supply much of the necessary food. They have hired teachers and rented rooms in which to hold school. His work was “discovered” by one of our Advisory Board members on a trip to East Africa. HFO has committed to support this work on a monthly basis and was his first international supporter. Gerald also serves on our HFO-Kampala board.

Sheltering Wings, Burkina Faso

As in Ghana, HFO was the original National Partner for Operation Christmas Child in Burkina Faso. On one of their distributions, John and Libby Moritz met Ruth Cox, an American who had relocated to Burkina to care for orphans. Ruth has a small compound, which houses and feeds more than 25 children. She started a school, which is also open to community children. About 90 attend. Hundreds of children benefit from her various outreaches. HFO provides monthly sponsorship for some of the Sheltering Wings’ children.

Elijah’s Cup of Mercy, Tiberias, Israel

John and Libby Moritz traveled to Israel in September, 2001 on a fact finding mission. They were on one of the first resumed flights after 9/11. John and Libby happened upon Miri Moriah, a widow, who was specifically helping Jewish orphans from the Baltic states, Ukraine, and Russia. She helps them make “Aliyah” and cares for them once they are in Israel. HFO annually sows modest support into ECM in anticipation of a major HFO work in the land.