In the midst of political turmoil, terrorist attacks, and media battles, it is easy to lose FOCUS and succumb to negativity and despair. After the death of our three children, I lost my purpose and wandered in a midst of tears, unfocused, but trying to survive and to help my wife.
Then, slowly, she and I began a healing process that led us to helping orphaned, abandoned, and abused
children. As we FOCUSED on these children and their pain, our pain was lessened. As we looked for solutions to
their problems, we found possibilities and hope. Many people supported those ideas and goals over the years.
Children were rescued and brought into loving families. Children were fed and educated. Some were even
delivered from death, after having been thrown away in the bushes of India or sold into slavery in Africa.
Now, more than 25 years later, I have realized how important FOCUS is, for our lives and for others. As we
FOCUS on kindness, love, and charity, we become better personally, and humanity benefits as well. In the midst
of darkness, we need to hold out a light so others can see. Thank you for helping us heal as we, along with you,
have helped others heal.
Our new FOCUS is the School of Arts and Technology that was opened in Ghana. Would you partner with us to
give children a quality education and a brighter future?
Thank you for your past support and your consideration once again. May you keep your light and FOCUS clear!
Wishing you a wonderful, Happy and Healthy New Year.

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